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my name is samyy& im a seventeen year old college student studying photography. this blog is about things from cosmetics to movies, a bit of everything really. my main loves in life are fashion& photography which go pretty well together dont you think#♥

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I do have to say that i am rather sorry for not doing a blog post in a very long time. I've had a lot of college work which needed doing and i haven't really had the time to think about much else. So this blog post now is just going to be a general blog post :) My next blog post will either be tomorrow or at the weekend, as I'm going alton towers- scarefest on the thursday xD (YAY!) & then the friday i will probably be too exhausted to get out of bed :P Anyway, my next blog post is going to be about some of the cute clothes & accessories ive recently purchased at places like, river island, topshop, primark etc :)

And by the way, thankyou to the 3 people that have decided to follow my blog, I didnt think i'd get one person let alone three xD

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Manchester Haul :)

finally my next blog :) i've been so busy lately with going back to college and stuff, ive completely been forgetting about this. anyway i went to Manchester at the weekend, and went completely nuts with my spending, so this manchester haul will just be the first half of it, there will be a second part to come in the following days.

first up, while i was trying to find some decent lip stick, blusher etc, i decided to pop into boots, the boots where i come from isnt that big, and its just pretty simple, but this Boots was absolutely huge and had so many different branded stalls with makeup on. To my delight i came across a Models Own stand, which ive never actually seen in any boots or superdrugs before, and another thing about it that made me smile, was the buy 2 products for £8 offer, so after standing there for literally half an hour just staring at everything, i finally decided on: Coral Reef Nail Polish and the Cheeky Pink Powder Blusher.
So far i've only quickly tried the coral reef on one of my fingers, just so I could see the colour of it, and wow it is rather bright, even with just one coat on.
As far as the blusher is concerned, I absolutely adore it, I would totally reccomend it to anyone who loves pink blusher. It just gives off a really suttle pink tone on your cheeks, unless like me you put a little too much on sometimes, then it gives a really obvious pink vibe off you cheeks, which still looks nice, so either way this blush is a winner for me :)

Next up is, a cute little blusher/bronzer that i had found on sale in Primark. The original price being about £2.50 i think (dont quote me on that) and the sale price being around 50p, as soon as i saw it I just had to have it, as i have been looking round for this type of thing for a long while.

As you can see by the photograph, it comes in a cute little case, along with a little brush, which is ideal if your on a night out and you just want the blusher/bronzer combo along with a brush just to pop into your bag. The first thing I did was stroke he brush over both of the sides all at once, and then the first thing I noticed on my cheek was the shimmer to it, it has a really nice broze effect with a pink tint to it, which I found to be absolutely gorgeous. And such a bargain :)

Then last but not least this is a little review on two lip balm/lip help, products.
First is French Vanilla Soft Lips. I actually do not know the price of this product because I got it in a free swag bag at the Clothes Show, last year. But as I did glance at the price in superdrug the other week, i could now guess that it will probably be around the £1-£3 mark, which to me is slightly dear for just a thin tube like this, as it doesnt last long as I usually feel the need to re apply it every 5 minutes, and also it gets easily lost, if you cant remember where you put it in the first place :P After you first apply it to your lips, it gives of a tingle, and then a scent of vanilla. Apparantly the tingle is a sign that it is working, but for months now as soon as this product comes off my lips, I just really dont notice a difference, as there is stil dry skin there and after about 10 minutes, I just feel like it was a slight waste of time, which is unfortunate, as the scent is heavenly.

And second up is Blistex Lips Care Massager (which contains SPF), which was again around the £1-£3 mark depending on where you get it from, which I think for this product is an amazing price. As soon as i opened the lid i first saw the end of it, which has little waves on it, to help massage the lips, which depends on wether you get the newer version or the older version, as the older one doesnt have the waves.
Then you twist the bottom of the tube, so the product comes out of the hole which is inbetween the waves. you then massage it into your lips, either in a circular motion or which ever way you feel it is going to be most effective. And as soon as I applied this for the first time, i instantly noticed a change, it was quite amazing that after one day of using this product, the dry skin and flakiness of my lips, was gone. I actually couldnt beliveve it. But then the next day the weather decided to be extremely windy, and with me forgetting to put some on before i went out, my lips went dry again, but as soon as I had gotten home, and re applied it, my lips were back to normal and have literally never looked or felt better :) This product is definitely a big reccomendation.

My next blog post will be part two of my Manchester Haul, which will be posted in the upcoming days, it will include: Jewellry, Clothing and Lipstick / Concealers :)

But just before I finish this blog, i just want to say thankyou to models own for featuring my last post in their daily blog wrap, I was rather excited that I was one of the chosen ones xD

So has anyone bought any products that exceeded their expectations recently?
Leave a comment below if you wish :)


Sunday, 5 September 2010


well as its probably obvious, im havent really got into daily blogging yet, as i havent blogged for a while now. my next full blog will probably be on tuesday, as i have absolutely nothing to do on that day. so stay tuned, anyone whos just passing by, follow me maybe? if you like makeup, movies, books etc (:


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Models Own 50% off Purchase#

I dont know if anyone will read this but here it goes anyway.
So basically, ive been buying quite a lot of things lately, seeing as it is the summer holidays I thought i may aswell spend my money now rather than later, as its back to college in a couple of weeks time, which means I won't have as much time to go shopping as I do in the holidays. Anyway, I've recently bought some nailvarnish off http://www.modelsownit.com/, i was a bit wary at first as i've never bought anything from this website, but after reading some good reviews about it, i decided to give it a go, and lucky enough for me, the models own 50% sale was on, so i decided to buy 4 nail varnishes :)

left to right: Purple Grey, Emerald City, Beths Blue and Nude Beige.
I had ordered these on a Sunday and I recieved them on the Friday, which wasn't 2-3 Days like the website had said, but I understood that It may take a bit longer to arrive because of the amount of people purchasing items on that day. Every day since I originally purchased them, I had been waiting for the post lady to come, and when she finally arrived with a black box in hand, I nearly flew down the stairs I was that excited, and maybe nail polish isn't a thing most people get excited about, but i have quite a big obsession with it and I couldn't wait to try at least one of them on.
    As i opened the box, i was quite pleased to see purple tissue paper around it all, (which makes a change from some places who just shove the product into the box). Plus they were all put into a bubble wrap casing aswell, which shows that models own definitely do care about the quality their products arrive in.

So far i've only had a chance to try one colour of Nailvarnish on, which is the Beths Blue, with a basecoat and top coat of Barry M's nail hardener.
As you can see from these photographs, Beths Blue is an amazing colour and depending on the lighting, it can look a really light blue or it can look how it does in the pictures.
  I was surprised that it only really needed one thick coat, to get it a solid colour, which then completely covers your nail lines, (as a lot of other products tend to need 5 coats on to get it to a solid colour,) and it also didn't really take that long to dry, as it wasn't overly gloopy.

 All that I can now really say is that, i honestly think Models Own will be one of my newest obsessions, with the range of colours and products they offer, i would reccomend them to anyone and everyone :)

So who else has tried Models Own products and what do you all think of them?

-samicca x

Friday, 27 August 2010

#2 favourite film of the week*

I've just generally realised, that I am addicted to watching films. Its like im always trying to find the next best movie to obsess over. As a lot of the time i never really mention how great some of the recent and past films ive watched are, I thought now would be a good time to share my insight. first film up is:

(The girl with the dragon tattoo)

As i had found out after i'd actually bought it, Its all in swedish, which means the speech is purely in subtitles, which actually doesnt really affect the viewing of the film, as most of the time you forget the subtitles are actually there. It is an adaption of the novel by Stieg Larsson, which unfortunately so far I haven't read, but hopefully will.
The main plot of the film, is about a man called Mikael Blomkvist, who is a journalist who has been sentenced to three months in jail basically because of a corrupt industrialist, anyway then there is also a girl called Lisbeth Salander, who is a 24 year old computer hacker. Before Mikael's jail sentence starts he goes to work for a man, who has asked him to look into a case involving a missing girl, as the plot thickens Lisbeth, (who has been hacking into Mikaels computer for a while now), joins him in the quest to find out what had happened to the missing girl (who has been missing for a lot of years).

It obviously doesnt just end there, but I dont really want to give much away to people who haven't yet seen it. One thing i would say is that it isnt for the younger generation, as it has quite a few scenes with sexual content and violence, but all around it is an amazingly interesting film to watch and definitely worth the money to buy, if your into all of that thriller, mystery stuff. What i now know is that the sequel to it called, The girl who played with fire, is now out in UK cinemas, and probably cinemas in a lot of other places too. I am totally excited about it and cannot wait until it comes out on dvd :)

Well now I do feel better for expressing my love of this film, somewhere other than in my own head.
Film Rating: 9/10 xD

I do have to mention that not all of my blogging is going to be like this, but i just felt that it was important for me to introduce people to how great this film actually is, and I do know that its not to everyones tastes, but in my mind it really is an amazinggggg movie to watch.

So to those people who have watched it, what do you guys think of this film? do you love it? do you hate it? etc :)

-samicca out ;)

Thursday, 26 August 2010

#1 new to the scene*

hi guys xD im kind of new to the whole blogging scene, but as i looked around there seemed to be a lot of interesting and helpful beauty blogs etc, so i thought i'd give it ago. basically this whole blogging experience is going to be on anything from clothes, to nail varnish, to books. as this is my first post im not really going to be talking about anything in particular, so as tomorrow.. the new day starts, as will I :) samicca-over&out#xo